We offer a complex realization of orders for various elements and steel structures.

  • gas cutting of steel sheets of total thickness ranging between 8 to 200mm
  • plasma cutting of elements of total thickness ranging between 6 to 25mm
  • laser cutting of steel sheet elements of total thickness up to 20mm
  • shot blasting of steel sheets with their total width amounting to 2600mm and total length up to 12000mm as well as any available details of maximum length up to 500mm
  • mechanical processing with application of CNC processing centers, maximum sizes of the workshop table 3000x800mm
  • shot blasting of elements the total thickness of which does not surpass 4000mm
  • roll flattening of steel elements of their total width up to 2000mm
  • flame and mechanical chamfering of steel elements
  • pressing, drilling, steel element grinding
  • welding with application of the MAG method
  • painting with application of electrostatic method


We possess about 3000 tones of steel sheets available on hand in our warehouse.