The Stalobrex company is part of the SteelCame group. We are a manufacturer of steel parts and structures according to customers’ specifications. To meet the expectations and needs of our customers, according to the general policy of the group, which stresses the highest standards of safety and health at work and in the interest of the environment, Stalobrex has implemented an integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015,  ISO 45001:2018, ISO/TS 22163:2017.

The trustworthy image of the company is built by:


  • Compliance with applicable legal and other requirements, including communication with local public and local control authorities,
  • work towards the achievement of a zero accident rate by ensuring the safety and health of workers and subcontractors,
  • environmental protection through continuous reduction of pollutant emissions, waste management and reduction of raw materials and energy consumption,
  • providing investment funds for improving quality, protecting the environment and improving health and safety at


To increase effectiveness in achieving our goals, we systematically improve planning and process management and take action to:

  • build lasting relationships with our customers by meeting their requirements,
  • achieving the highest quality of our products,
  • environmental protection throughout the production cycle,
  • completely eliminate accidental and occupational hazards among employees and subcontractors,

We are committed to:

  • Build a culture that requires clear leadership with clearly defined responsibilities,
  • act in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the quality of our products.
  • the protection of the environment as well as the compliance of the conduct of the health and life of our employees and subcontractors,
  • continuous improvement of our integrated management system,
  • customer satisfaction surveys, environmental performance testing, and the identification, evaluation and elimination of occupational risk,
  • reviewing and updating established targets, preventing occupational accidents, occupational diseases and potential accidents and pollution, complete elimination of threats and risks,
  • Continuously improve the qualifications, knowledge and awareness of our employees in terms of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, setting new trends in the quality of our products,
  • design and manufacture with the latest technology the highest quality products, environmentally-friendly and workers involved in their co-creation, by the fact of direct, failure-free delivery of products,
  • creating a climate of mutual trust and respect for both our customers and the company and building partnerships with suppliers,
  • participation and consultation of employees’ representatives on matters relating to health and safety;
  • provide the necessary resources and resources to meet the goals and commitments.

The guarantee of achieving the above objectives and obligations is:

  • maintain and improve the integrated management system that complies with the requirements of the standards,
  • meeting the implementing regulations of the European Directives on our products
  • compliance with the percentage requirements of accredited certification bodies for tobacco products.

Stalobrex’s senior executives and management are committed to providing resources for the implementation of this policy while declaring that it is communicated and known to all employees.

Wysoka  28.01.2021