Department for Welding

15 welding stations (PRO4200; KEMPOMIG 400; FASTMIG 5000; WELDFORCE 5500; 400A et 550 A KEMPI)

The company also has two pressing devices, two belt saws, and three-dimensional drills.

Two processing devices GEKA

Two belt saws CNC SHARK 332NC

Tri-dimensional drilling machine IBARMIA

Hand operated plasma OZAS 150A, ESAB

We manufacture various structures which are welded from structural types of steel:

made of elements cut from steel sheets performed on the premises of our company
from semi-assembly products received from the process of section, bar, pipe etc. Processing, which has been conveyed by our Company with application of resources purchased from the renowned domestic and foreign suppliers. The weight of the welded structures varies from several kilograms to as much as dozens of tones.

We specialize in manufacturing of average sized and large product series but we also undertake the realization of large one-time orders.