Employee safety is the main priority of Stalobrex, and the Company’s main aim is zero accidents at work.

In order to achieve the aforementioned set goal the Board of Directors as well as the whole Management is involved in the process of creation of a healthier and safer work environment for all our employees. We constantly aim at increasing the level of the safety standards by introduction of new and safe manufacturing processes, proper equipping of our employees with appropriate means of personal protection and constant workshops employee workshops connected to the safe working methods. We organize short safety meetings for Our Staff connected to the field of safety where various accidents and occurrences that had taken place in the other ArcelorMittal plants are discussed in the context of safety in our production facility. From 2007 ArcelorMittal organizes The World Wide Safety and Hygiene Day for all its employees. For two years now our plant has also taken part in the aforementioned happening. On that occasion we organized film showings the subject of which was connected to the work safety and hygiene issues as well as a quiz with prizes among our employees.

The fact that we spend a lot of time and energy in order to raise the awareness of the Work and Safety issues mirrors our engagement in the broadly understood work and safety issues.